Books, pencil sketch

Here’s my New Yorker cover sketch for this week’s theme: Books.

The theme is very general. Are we talking about the joy of reading or the conversion of readers from physical books to digital books or something else?

In this graveyard scene, the tombstones are actually books themselves. I wanted to incorporate the ghosts or souls of these books as glowing kindles or iPads but it seemed too complicated and I ran out of time before the Thursday noon submission deadline.


I did, however, submit two ideas this week. This image is an adaptation to a larger version seen here. In this concept, I’m paying homage to Johannes Gutenberg, the father of the printing press and the individual attributed with changing the world by enabling the printed word to be placed in anyone’s hands. I wondered if in his day, the latest craze, caused people to walk through the street’s with their noses in books just as today everyone is captivated by smart phones, iPads, e-readers, etc.