November 7, 2013

Children’s Playhouse


Children’s Playhouse, Coe Hall Mansion. oil on board 9×12

Back in September, before the trees began painting their own leaves, I got in a day of painting. I’ve always looked forward to the crisp cool days of September. The atmosphere is usually very clear, the skies blue and everything seems really bright in that September sunlight.

I headed up to The Panting Fields Arboretum, an old Gold Coast mansion on Long Island. It was the former estate of William Robertson Coe, an insurance and railroad executive and his wife, Mary, who was the heiress to the Standard Oil company.

The grounds have many gardens that were planted when the property was a residence as well as an impressive Tudor Revival style mansion of 67 rooms. I focused on a small pink cottage with a distinctly curved roof originally built as a children’s playhouse. It’s nestled under some massive pine trees. It’s truly a fairytale setting.

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