I’ve had the good fortune to work with some incredibly talented and fantastic people who have graciously said some kind things about me:


donatobwstudio500k1“Working with Matthew Kalamidas is an excellent example of why I love my job as a freelance artist. His interest and dedication to the science fiction field shows through in his willingness to seek out new illustration talent at conventions and art events around the Northeast, as well as his passion for creating art himself. He is an art director who truly understands the ‘angst’ of the artist and through that knowledge supports his illustrators as they push new boundaries. It is a joy to work with Matthew and I look forward to every collaboration with him.”
Donato Giancola

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Ray_Bradbury_(1975)_-cropped-“Thank you for sending on the layout for Fahrenheit 451. It’s beautiful and I thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I look forward to seeing the final on this—I know it will be terrific.”
—Ray Bradbury

swashbuckle-dom---dominick-saponaro-crop-u1870“Matthew Kalamidas is an art director that knows how to get the best out of his artists. His ability to juggle editorial, marketing, and artistic vision is remarkable. Always wanting to be certain that his artists are painting the piece they want to paint while meeting the requirements of the commission at hand ensures the best possible outcome for both artist and client. While many art directors dictate, Matthew understands that good art direction comes from being a great communicator, guide, translator, mentor, and leader. His background in art, illustration, and animation truly informs his decision making which creates a unique collaboration between himself and the talent he hires. He challenges his artists to push the limits of their comfort zone often resulting in work that exceeds their ability. I have created my best works through our collaborations together and can say without a doubt that working with Matthew Kalamidas has made me a much better artist.”
Dominick Saponaro

_2540203_orig“Besides designing, Matthew draws and paints well, so he understands the creative process involved in generating images. This makes working with him much easier as communication hinges on sharing mutual visions, artist to artist.
His sense of humor keeps each assignment at peak sanity levels and allows for a great spirit of collaboration.”
Greg Manchess