December 7, 2011

Lighthouse Mural

Enjoy a time-lapse video of my work on this mural.

Some time ago, I teased at a project I was busy with and as I’m near completion and watching the varnish dry, I thought I’d share. This mural, painted in oils on canvas, measures over 8 feet tall and almost 4 feet wide. It’s been designed to fit the wall at the end of a hallway in the home of the patron who commissioned it—floor to ceiling, wall to wall.

The height of my canvas exceeded my actual height in my studio and the 12 inches actually lays on the floor, bringing the figure’s feet at the bending point and further creating the illusion of someone standing in my studio.

The canvas hangs, tacked to a strip of wood I installed at the top of my wall, just beneath the crown moulding. When planning the layout of my workspace, I intentionally left that wall bare for exactly this type of large-scale work, where I can make use of my track-lighting normally aimed at my easel.