October 21, 2013

Related to Ents?

While in Greece this past summer, my wife and I would wake early and take a morning hike for about an hour. The house was still with everyone asleep and the air at that height and that early in the morning was as cold as a late October day in NY. The sun was still hidden behind the mountain that towers at a height of  2442 meters over the town we were staying in—that’s over 7850 feet! Our hike was a steady incline. Each yard we walked was also 3 feet higher in altitude. The higher up you travel, the more spread apart the homes are. When we arrived mid-way one morning and safely between homes, I spotted this young tree greeting us! The branches of this tree were waving back and forth the way a pendulum clock moves. Dismiss it as wind but know that no other trees or shrubs in the area were affected by wind. Watch the video and draw your own conclusions but, I’m certain we’ll agree that it is rather strange.

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