Sketch by Greg Manchess

Sketch by Greg Manchess

For the past 17 years, in the capacity of Graphic Designer and Art Director, I have acquired and refined the kind of design skills that make me an efficient multi-tasker who never compromises the intended concept or overall execution of a project in order to deliver quick results when needed.

Traditional and digital illustration, as well as fine art skills are an important part of my repertoire. A strong working knowledge of pre-press preparation and output, and design industry programs further rounds out my abilities. The proven ability to lead and inspire a team is a crucial factor in the combination of these skills and knowledge, resulting in creative and unique solutions.

On Art Directing Illustration

My goal when collaborating with an artist is to ensure that the work being produced is the one the artist wants to paint. My role is to carefully balance marketing and editorial concerns without compromising the integrity of the art. I strive to ensure that the needs of the project are met while also ensuring that the artist ends up with a portfolio piece they can be proud of. This results in a fantastic painting, and the basis of a successful project.

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