July 20, 2011

Gesture Session

I recently discovered a site with a figure drawing script. You can choose from a short list of subjects and set a timer on how long the ‘pose’ lasts. Other nice features are keeping all the photos in grayscale and scaling the image to fill the entire browser window. It’s not the same as doing these types of exercises from a live model, but when it comes to subjects like big cats and horses, this may be more convenient.

Discretion is advised on the site with this notice: “Every single picture in every category is potentially NSFW!” due to costumed and uncostumed models. The horses and big cats are uncostumed which is my guess as to how every picture in every category is potentially NSFW.

Here’s the link:

Below are some sketches from my gesture session.

10 second warm-up gestures
30 second gestures
60 second gestures
90 second gesture
30 second gestures
30 second gestures