July 5, 2012

Lunch Lines

Would Automats look like this today or is it these brands which have taken their place?
Digital (click to zoom)

Iconic NYC foods. After completing this, I went back in a revised it to show the black and white cookie with a bite mark. It’s all I could do to satisfy the urge to actually eat one when I didn’t have one near. Digital (click to zoom)

We Met for Lunch. Anyone in NY would have come across this scene at the Met, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 42nd Street Library, Post Office on 8th Ave, Lincoln Center… really anywhere with steps.
Digital (click to zoom)

Last week’s contest theme was Food and coincidentally, the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue opened a new exhibit called Lunch Hour: From Pushcart to Power Lunch.

Naturally, I visited the exhibit on my lunch break for some inspiration. The exhibit is really well put together. My initial idea was a take on the iconic NYC automats and what they might be like today so I spent most of my time looking at a recreation of an automat wall. I need to get back to enjoy the rest of the exhibit. Above are the resulting sketches.