April 21, 2011

"Lou. Give me a milk… Chocolate."

Italian comic book illustrator Massimo Carnevale has been paying tribute to the movies for some time now on his blog, sketchesnatched. This fantastic image from Back to the Future of the scene where the time-traveled Marty McFly realizes he’s seated beside his young father some 30 years in the past before he was even a thought is his latest work. Be sure to see the other 45 images he’s done of other films.

Massimo’s choices to depict each film are obviously calculated. He could have chosen some of the more obviously iconic scenes. For me, this particular scene nods at a glimpse of what has made Back to the Future an instant classic: the right story told by the right people acted by the right people at the right point in time. I had recently seen 25th Anniversary footage showing the director’s original cast and this exact scene, acted by Eric Stoltz in the role of Marty McFly who delivered a very different reaction to seeing his young father for the first time. The Michael J. Fox interpretation is far better and makes one comparing the two wonder how this film may have held up against time had they not halted production and changed members of the cast.